Saturday, September 4, 2010

Screwball Spotlight | Roscoe Karns

TWENTIETH CENTURY is the next film up for this project, and I just saw that Roscoe Karns plays a role and I'm becoming very fond of him.

I did some quick research into Roscoe and discovered that his son, Todd Karns, played Harry Bailey in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.  After at least a kajillion viewings of George Bailey, et. al., I'm pretty sure that film has become fused into my DNA, which means that Todd Karns is there too. Obviously, Todd and Roscoe share the same DNA, and so, in a way, Roscoe and I do too. So it makes sense that Roscoe stood out to me - we’re related by way of Capra.

Also, Mr. Karns' character in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT is part of the foundation for Bugs Bunny - scheming, fast talking, called Clark Gable "Doc".  (Clark Gable's character in the film was also an inspiration for Bugs, because at one point he's chomping on carrots while excitedly telling Claudette Colbert how to hitchhike).

Anyway, this isn't about Clark Gable, or Bugs Bunny...  here's to Roscoe Karns!

Roscoe Karns & Claudette Colbert in IN HAPPENED ONE NIGHT