Monday, January 10, 2011

Curse you, BBC. And your cute fluffy Trojan pony too!

This promo for BBC Earth's "Life is New" seems lightweight, but isn't.  I saw this clip on an NPR blog connected to an article about compassion (which touched briefly on the Giffords shooting).

At first this was few minutes of visual cotton candy, baby animals frolicking.

And then I saw the baby polar bear clinging to the ankle of an adult, and it reminded me of looking up at my Dad making breakfast while pretending he didn't have a pre-school aged me sitting on his foot.

And then I missed my Dad for a moment.

And then I thought of how that polar bear will be dead in a few years, if not already.

And then I thought of how it could possibly be one of the last polar bears ever because of global warming.

And then I saw the baby seals, and wondered if people are still clubbing them.  I imagine that must still be going on if the dolphins in that cove are still getting slaughtered, and elephants are still getting killed for their tusks.

And then, finally, I saw the monkey.  It's so obviously sentient.  Yet if it were rumored that its kidney juice cured male impotence, that specific monkey would be gutted and it's species pushed to extinction.

I went into watching the video the way I watch any cutie-pie animal posted to YouTube (just looking to giggle and "awww" for a few moments), but the thing turned into a prompt leading me to ponder life, death, kindness, brutality, adult childhoods vs. animal youths, the relative values of life on Earth.  Curse you BBC and your fluffy Trojan pony!