Saturday, July 23, 2011

CHRISTMAS IN JULY | 1940 | It's so funny.

I may write more on Christmas in July later, but I might not.  In some ways it seems silly, because the subtext of anything I'd write is fully covered in this guy's YouTube review; but, then, I started this damn blog so I should make an effort.  Time will tell if I do or not.

Regardless of whether I revisit this film and share some of my sparklingly brilliant thoughts on how it fits in the Screwball/Rom-Com family tree, you should watch it.  It's only 67 minutes long, and someone has it posted the whole thing on YouTube.  So, watch it.  It's funny.  So funny.

Released:  1940
Writer/Director:  Preston Sturges
Producer:  Paul Jones, Buddy G. DeSylva
Leads:  Dick Powell, Ellen Drew, William Demarest
Genre:  Romantic Comedy
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