Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fortune's Child (Review of ARTHUR 2011) | Reason Magazine | 2011

The most hysterical thing about the new Arthur (as opposed to the old Arthur, the 1981 movie starring Dudley Moore) is the instant wave of hatred it has drawn from the nation’s 10 million movie reviewers.

When I was a teenager I had a slight crush on Kurt Loder.  Though we've both outgrown MTV, though our politics have gone in different directions, and even though neither of us knew the other had an interest in Screwball Comedies, I still feel like I can say, "We'll always have ARTHUR."

As ridiculous and non-sensical as that statement is, it gets worse:  I haven't even seen the 2011 ARTHUR remake.  But everything Mr. Loder writes in this article is precisely what I thought about the "controversy" surrounding the remake, and everything I hope to experience when I finally see it.