Friday, September 30, 2011

It can't work like this. You're a dog. I have cats.

My apartment building is surrounded by one way streets and at certain times of the day, while searching for parking, I can get caught in traffic, at the same intersection, multiple times.  The other day I was zoning out on a red light when I felt eyes on me, I looked up and found them instantly.  It was a dog.  It was sitting on a bed placed in a large floor to ceiling window just above some storefronts.

He sat there kind of Sphinx-style, apparently zoned out on me in the same way I had been on the red light.  At least, this is what I thought.  But then I questioned my theory.  Surely he was just looking into the middle distance, or a bug on his window, or any number of things not me.  

Yes, I am aware I am using "he" when I don't really know about this dog.  It's because of what happened next, something I've shared with a he or two.  What happened is this (I swear), his eyes pulled focus and realized I was looking at him, looking at me.  Then his eyes started darting around.  At first super-awkwardly, like he was trying to look at anything but me, and then he regained composure and slowly moved his head as if to say, "I was just scanning the street, and you just happened to be in my line of sight."

I am completely aware this is not the most likely interpretation of events, but it's what seemed to have happened, it's what it felt like.  Additionally, this version of reality makes me laugh, and so I'm going with it.  Actually, I'm going with that, and a bit more.

The light turned green.  As I turned the corner I thought of this guy I once knew, who I hadn't thought of in awhile, who was charmingly, endearingly awkward.  In the same manner as the dog.  And it might not have been his first choice to be reincarnated as a dog, but it would definitely have been in his top three.  And if he wanted it, if there's any justice in this world at all, he got it.

I circled the block and failed to find parking.  Even the second time around, he continued to look at me.

The dog.