Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Apple Thank You [sic]

Today there was a gentleman in fatigues and sneakers, standing on the street, holding a sign that read "Steve Jobs / Apple / Thank you".  I only wish that the steel drum guy from yesterday had returned again today to play "Penny Lane," because that would have rounded out the pleasant incongruity of the scene for me.

It wasn't only because the gentleman looked more like he, of all people on the street corner, would be voted "Most Likely to be Holding a Support Our Troops Sign" (that was actually on the back of his sign), but because it was a note of gratitude, to Steve Jobs, on a handmade sign, on a street corner.  Not a status update, not a tweet, and not even a print-out.

Words on paper, on a stick, held by a human, in open air.  It can still be disarmingly effective.  It got my attention.  More than that, though.  Of all the words about Steve Jobs' death I read and heard today, I vote this one "Most Likely to Be Remembered By Me".

The Gentleman.  Captured on an iPhone.