Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update on my relationship with Simon Schama and its potential impact on my future

Since last April when I posted about wanting to be his drinking buddy, and in spite of the visit by a horrified Me-from-About-Twenty-Years-Ago, I have become an official Simon Schama fan.

His name is doodled on all of my PeeChee folders, and I've got Schama TM ice cream dishes, pajamas, posters, throw pillows, eyeglasses guaranteed to make any idiot look fully smarty-pants - the works.  Actually, I have only watched The Power of Art, read Scribble, Scribble, Scribble, watched The American Future: A History, read a bunch of random articles, and watched a new Charlie Rose interview.

Me-from-About-Twenty-Years-Ago has not reappeared.  Schama was likely both the straw that broke her back and forced her to become a time traveller, as well as the tip of the iceberg.  For her I imagine the visit a bit like stopping in on an elderly parent, thinking you'll start helping out once a week to bridge gaps caused by dottiness, only to learn there's nothing but full-speed batty going on and it's time hire a professional caretaker.

If I know me, I'll bet that she is back in the past force flapping butterfly wings, chucking stones into ponds, and desperately creating any and all kinds of ripples in hopes something will alter this future of hers.

I applaud her efforts, and I hope that she is successful making some changes, but I also hope Simon isn't lost in the shake-up.  I really think she could learn to like him.