Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mark Haskell Smith | "On the Road to the Cannabis Cup" | New York Times April 18, 2012

Unlike my last post, the one about William Trowbridge, this one doesn't have a super obvious reason for being on this blog.  I am currently recovering from a fever and can't think of a way to explain why I'm making this post without making it about me.  But since I just kind of did, by whining about my fever, I'll just follow through...

I posted Mr. Trowbridge's news because it's awesome, but also because I remember him being a nerd about comedy too.  But, then, Mr. Smith is showing up in the media this week because he's out selling his new book.  And it didn't set right with me, to write about one and not the other.  Why would I care?  What's the connection?

William Trowbridge and Mark Haskell Smith were both instructors at the University of Nebraska writing program I attended.

But don't let their connection to me dull their shine.

Mark Haskell Smith writes funny stuff.  And this blog is about funny stuff.  I should have just gone with that.  And yet, I'm not deleting all of the rambling in favor of a clean, cohesive post for Mr. Smith.  Can't blame the fever on that.

So, yeah, Mark Haskell Smith writes funny novels.  He also just wrote a non-fiction book called Heart of Dankness: Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers and the Race for the Cannabis Cup, which is getting some attention...  this week in the form of a Q&A in the Home & Garden section of The New York Times ("On the Road to the Cannabis Cup" by Steven Kurutz).  This book will continue to gain attention, until the prediction I made long ago comes true, and I will be posting a video clip of him visiting with...  no, can't say, don't want to jinx it.  Until then, here's this fine clip...

Most important, read the book. Then read his novels. You'll be better for it.