Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Princess Amanda

A few weeks ago, my supervisor's son drew a picture of me.
Well, of "an Amanda" who happens to have orange hair.

He was hanging out at the office, and still working on the drawing, when his Mom told me what it was.  When she did, he sort of froze up and wouldn't show it to me.  But he made clear that it was "just an Amanda".  I found the picture in my in-box the next day.  (And now it's on my refrigerator at home).

I bumped into them again yesterday, and she told me he's started writing stories about Princess Amanda.  Again, not me.

I think that's right.  It's not me.  Apparently he wants a pet cat more than anything in the world, and I live with two cats.

There is so much about this that I love.  Not least of which is the reminder that no matter where you are in life, and no matter what you think about your current situation, if you've done anything good, or right, or worthwhile with your time (even something as small as being cool to two cats), then someone, somewhere, somehow, will think you have it going on.