Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Double Feature: KLOWN & THE TRIP | Nothing to Write Home About

Watch KLOWN and THE TRIP, you pick the order - Viewer's Choice!  Each film developed out of a television show, and each focuses on two grown men travelling together.  After, you'll likely be as amused as you are depressed.  Yet hopefully you'll also feel better equipped to engage with the world, because, when viewing the wider spectrum of humanity, maybe you're not so messed up.  Maybe.

Or maybe you are.  And maybe that's ok.

And maybe, that's all there is.  A whole lot of struggle and mess, and no one really knows what to do. and so you best find some way to laugh at it, and yourself, because while you're here, you have to actually be here, you have to show up.  Imperfect and clueless as you might be.  And...  Ugh.

You want to know what's really going on here?  Before I made the decision to post every week, I thought I should come up with a backlog, some fodder for when I didn't really have anything to write about.  But I told myself that was a lame rationalization, an obstacle to productivity, an excuse to keep me from starting.  The perfect getting in the way of the good.  Or whatever that saying is.  Anyway, I figured if I just plowed forward and made a commitment to always have something, I would.  Some posts would be better than others, but there would always be something.

But this week, I got nothin'


This blog post is the equivalent of those days when you wake up late and by cutting corners with your wardrobe, hygiene and breakfast, you still make it to work on time.  You're rough around the edges, bleary eyed, and a bit disheveled, but you're there.

Until next week...