Sunday, October 7, 2012

Glee Kids Sing Celebrity Skin | Tweet Overflow

This is less a blog post, and more just Tweet Overflow.  I tried to cram it into 140 characters, but failed.  

No, that's not true.  I did it, but it wasn't satisfying.  It turns out I really want to elaborate on this subject.  

It's funny to discover the things you really care about, to discover you're far more shallow than you were previously aware and/or willing to admit.

So, this was the tweet:

And that made me think another thing:

a.  That Grunge-y/Gen X-thing, the anger and what not, it's not so easily done, is it?

Even Celebrity Skin, a ripple in the pond far from where the first rock of grunge landed, is really pretty effortlessly detached, self-aware, ironic, and... angry.  Y'know, the hallmarks of grunge.

Something lost on the Glee kids (and the people directing the Glee kids), with their button noses all crinkled up like snarling puppies.

So, I guess it really was a thing.  That grunge thing.  I lived in Olympia, WA in the early 90s.  At the time, all the Grunge-y anger was exhausting to me.  It all felt so insincere.  I was into some of the music - including Hole - but so much of it, especially the accompanying attitude/lifestyle seemed like a prefab sham.  But now I see, at some point, some of it really was a thing.

Or maybe it just seems that way compared to the Glee kids' interpretation.

It doesn't matter much.  Some of the music was a thing for me.  And that's the only thing that matters.

In my last post I said that some posts will be better than others, I think this is one of the others.  Better luck next week!