Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Screwball Spotlight | Edward Everett Horton is Not a Shoeshine.

If Edward Everett Horton has had to find work as a shoeshine, then maybe we were wrong to mock Starbucks today, maybe it is time that we "Come Together" - for the love of Edward, people!

For.  The.  Love.  Of.  Edward.

If you're not familiar with Edward Everett Horton, here's a little refresher:

On-screen, he was a supporting actor in a number of Astaire/Rogers films (THE GAY DIVORCEE, TOP HAT, SHALL WE DANCE), he was in a few Lubitsch films (TROUBLE IN PARADISE, BLUEBEARD'S EIGHTH WIFE), and he featured prominently in one of my all time favorite films - HOLIDAY.

Off-screen, he has a street named after him.  He owned an estate called Belly Acres, and in the late 1930s F. Scott Fitzgerald lived there as Edward's guest.

That's enough for me, but here's a few other things some folks find impressive about Edward:  He narrated Fractured Fairy Tales, he inspired much of C-3PO's personality, and he was called out by name in a Yosemite Sam rant.

Now that I think of it, if things have gone this far - if the man behind all of that has become a common shoeshine - well, then, we're likely beyond the point where any kind of caffeine fueled togetherness has a chance at making a tangible impact on our collective future.

Gawd have mercy on our souls.

(So great).

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