Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Screwball Spotlight | Laura Dern (and me) on Barbara Stanwyck

Below is a lovely little thing about Barbara Stanwyck by Laura Dern (via Turner Classic Movies).

I wasn't always a fan of Barbara, but writing this blog has made me one.  It's not like I disliked her.  I liked her okay.  I mean, who doesn't love DOUBLE INDEMNITY?  But it's the movie I'll be writing about in my next post that made me a fan - CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT.

Actually, now that I think of it, that's the one that both started and finished the job.  After I watched it, I watched BALL OF FIRE (again), and then THE LADY EVE (again), and then MEET JOHN DOE (again x3) - one right after the other.  And then I made my way back to CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT.  And then...  before the movie was finished, it was all over, I was a fan.

I'll write about all of those films, eventually.  But a post about the holiday film will be up sooner than later.


Yes, I promise all zero of you.

Until then, here's this: