Monday, June 17, 2013

FRANCES HA and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING | 2013 | Portland and Screwball

Last week, much more of my time than is probably healthy was devoted to anticipating MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. And somehow I got it into my head that it would be starting at Cinema 21 that weekend, and so I showed up, asked for a ticket to the next showing, and plopped myself on a bench in the lobby to wait for my friend to arrive.

I heard Bowie coming from the auditorium, and actually thought, "That's weird, FRANCES HA had the same music."

Yep, I'm that sharp, sometimes.

And then someone else tried to buy a ticket for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and the box office lady told her it wasn't playing yet.  I texted my mistake to my friend, and when she arrived we decided to watch FRANCES HA. First time for her, second time for me.

Yikes. This story is way boring. Hang in there, it might get better soon.  Better-ish.

After texting my friend, I tweeted my irritation with Portland.

At the time there was only one theater in town showing FRANCES HA, and the next weekend there would be only one theater showing MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.  Other cities, cities I've had flings with, were showing both movies that weekend.  In multiple locations.

But at some point, for some damn reason, I chose to dance with the one that brung me, and I was (am?) committed to Portland.

It turns out, Portland knew best.

Although I had been delighted by FRANCES HA the first time I saw it, it wasn't until the second viewing that I saw it's totally a Screwball Comedy.  Probably only if the definition of the genre is interpreted very generously (kind of like BRIDESMAIDS, HARVEY or FOR A GOOD TIME CALL), but Screwball nonetheless.

Because Portland made me cool my heels, I will soon be writing a post about how FRANCES HA is Screwball-y and I will be re-reading MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING before Friday.

So, thank you, Portland.  Your slow pace has helped to make me thoroughly, nerdily undateable due to my film blog writin' and Shakespeare readin' ways.