Sunday, June 16, 2013

Screwball to Have a Scorsese Summer?

I recently came across this article, "Martin Scorsese's Film School:  The 85 Films You Need to See to Know Anything About Film," and it put me in the mind of a Summer Project.

I have seen more than half of the films on the list, but there are others on the list I know I should see, but will instead choose to watch one of my favorite films again.  And again.  And again.  Although I have a wide variety of favorites, that's still a rut.

Which made me think I should turn Screwball Study into a Scorsese-y Study for the summer.

What's stopping me?  Why am I not committing to this?  Once upon a time, I'd have done so in an instant, and I'd have gotten the job done.  Lately, many of my initiatives have stopped before really starting, and now I'm hesitant to start, hesitant to have another thing unfinished.  Yep, it's happened enough that I no longer thrive on the bright possibility that This One will make it over the finish line.

So, instead of bunting and trumpet fan-fare, I've chosen a soft launch.  Which means, probably, no launch.  Probably.

Let's see what happens...