Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jim Shepard: A Deal at Twice the Price.

Last night I went over to Reed College to listen to some writers read as part of the Tin House Summer Writer's Workshop.  They hold these things in a pretty amazing setting.  Around dusk, the writers stand at an outdoor podium with Reed Lake in the background and they share their work for a bit.

My favorite part of the evening was Jim Shepard, but there was another part that came a close second.  Maybe a distant second.  Let's just call it second.

While Major Jackson was reading his poetry, I noticed people gathered on a nearby pedestrian bridge over the lake.  I don't imagine the PA system was strong enough to carry that far, but it was fun to think of folks out for a stroll at dusk on a hot summer evening who, after passing through cool-ish breezes off the still water and clouds of flying bugs, were then confronted by Major's words pulsing through the air.  Lucky folk up there on the bridge, getting the full summer experience.  If they could hear poetry, they were lucky just that much more.

In the end, I didn't regret my choice to pay five bucks instead of slinking in and attempting to blend among the honest and flush (as per usual).