Monday, July 1, 2013

WORLD WAR Zzzzzz, Malcolm Tucker and Planning a Pandemic Suitable Wardrobe

WORLD WAR Z started strong enough, but quickly became so boring that it was just a thing going on in front of my eyes while I thought about other things.

I was so checked out that when Peter Capaldi appeared that I exclaimed, out loud, "Oh, I love that guy!"  I'm usually a so-wrapped-up-in-the-story-that-the-rest-of-the-world-doesn't-exist sort of a moviegoer, and always the sort who doesn't talk during movies, and yet I was so out of Z movie that I felt fully comfortable proclaiming my fondness for...  well, let's be honest, for Malcolm Tucker.

On the goodwill built up by the ever reliable Malcolm, Peter can make...  um, let's call it three...  three stinkers before I lose faith in him.  The count begins with WORLD WAR Z.

So, yeah, for most of the film I just sat there planning my Zombie Pandemic Wardrobe (something fit for a variety of apocalyptic-style circumstances).  My primary plan is to die in the first wave of whatever comes our way, but if that fails, I don't want to be walking around with "Juicy" on my ass.  That hasn't happened to my backside during "good" times, but who knows what will be going style-wise when shit goes down.  Not to mention availability; I could be wearing something spot-on, but then it could be ruined by zombie guts, and then I'd have to scavenge for replacements.  I best know what my needs are going to be, and what will work best, if I am to reclothe myself in a timely, functional, and - hopefully - stylish way.  It just seems wise to take the time to think it through now and plan ahead.

I actually have more to say on that, and a few things to say about the choice to put Brad Pitt's family on an off-screen shelf and out of immediate peril for the bulk of the movie, but... I've got things to do.

So do you. You need to watch this: