Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Clip O' the Day (1 of 5) | The work of Holiday Spirit.

I'm a bit behind on this project.  Again.  Yesterday I boasted that I was fully committed to getting eighteen Christmas posts up before the start of 12/26, but then I stumbled on an opportunity for fun and forgot about all of this for about 12 hours or so.

It was Christmas Eve.  And the way I look at it, if you discover a surprise opportunity for fun on that day, you have to take it.

Mostly, I think the holidays are just like any other day, but this is probably just my way of managing expectations.  If it ends up being just another day then it was as expected, and therefore, pretty good.  If it's better, well, all the better.  If you start out thinking it's going to be better, simply because it's a holiday, you're on thin ice.

But I get it.  I understand the temptation to think a holiday will be a regular day but with sprinkles on top.  What I don't get are the sorts of people who can fully focus on non-holiday related chores and/or work on a holiday.

To my mind, simply showing up at the office and answering the phone with the correct name of the business counts as a productive day of work on a holiday.  The exception being people whose focus will lead to the imminent preservation of life.  If you're not saving lives, and you're still focused on work on December 24th, you're on a slippery slope.  Ebenezer didn't become a single-name phenom over-night, it takes years to build that kind of a brand.

Also, I consume enough science fiction to know that all of that those Ebebezer's-in-training will be kicking themselves after society collapses...  they'll be sitting alone somewhere, cold and wet, eating raw rat meat (nothing they hunted, just some poor creature they found semi-recently deceased), and wondering, "Why did I ever spend Christmas Eve catching up on email from my boss?!?"