Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Clip O' the Day (3 of 5) | When in Doubt: Shrug, Laugh & Love. And drink cocktails, that helps too.

After a 12+ hour break yesterday, I started this Christmas Clip project back up around 3:30am today.

Then I hit a wall around 5:30am, so I took a lil' Christmas nosh break.  Heavy on the fat and sugar (mini-peanut butter cups in red, green and gold foil; Christmas Coke made by polar bears; sugar cookies...  etc).

Now it's time to get back at this damn project.

Now or never.

It's Christmas Day, so I might as well start bringing out the big guns:

This is another clip where making any further comment feels a bit like gilding the lily.

But if I use that excuse more than once, I might as well just be posting links on Facebook.

Because I'm bringing out the big guns clip-wise, there's no reason I can't go all Emotional Match Stick Girl on you.

The majority of my childhood was very solitary, and when it wasn't solitary, when the family was around, it was a super huge pain in the ass.  Throughout, I always had a sense that there were humans in the world who enjoyed each other, most of the time, for the most part; people who didn't act like bitchy teenage girls to everyone they knew.  When I was a pre-tween and I first saw Nick and Nora Charles, I took them as evidence that my sense of things was correct.

My sense of things may still be wrong, but Nick and Nora give me hope.

This is why I love them.

This is why, when struggling with real people in the real world, I push myself to shrug, laugh and love.

I want that to be my default, to not have to push myself, but I doubt I'll get there.  Instead, I've made peace with the fact that this is my goal...  the labor of my life.

As life goals and labors go, it's not bad.  One of the few where light to moderate drinking actually aids achievement.