Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Clip O' the Day | Nora Charles is the Antidote to Being Lame. Sadly, I'm Pretty Sure I'm Gonna Need Something Stronger.

In the window of a few short hours this evening, I went on Instagram and shared images of my cats and a cake I baked.

What the fuck has happened to me?!?

Granted, the image of the Eggnog Spice Cake with a missing a slice originally came with a long narrative riffing on how Santa ate it.  Because he's here with me.  Because after The Great Sad Cat Lady Experiment of 2012, he's decided they're not all so sad...

But it was too long for Instagram.

I edited it down to:  The missing slice?  Santa.  Why?  He dumped your Mommy.

But I decided (correctly) that it was a weak effort, and deleted it.


So many areas for improvement in 2014.
1. Work on trash-talk.

Right now, I gotta work on wrapping my head around the idea that I've gotta be on my way to work by 7:15am tomorrow...