Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Clip O' the Day | WHITE CHRISTMAS | 1954 | A Tale of Two Mandy's

You're wrong if you think the "Mandy" number has something to do with WHITE CHRISTMAS being one of my favorite holiday films.

WHITE CHRISTMAS Mandy has nearly everything to do with this film being one of my holiday favorites.

I stumbled onto this film in early junior high, after more than a decade of being regularly serenaded with Barry Manilow's Mandy, a song that might as well have been written about a dog.  Despite rumors, it apparently wasn't actually written about a dog, but it's pretty clear why that rumor persists, "You came and you gave without taking," etc.  I used to roll my eyes and cover my ears, but folks thought that was funny so they'd keep on singing.  It's such a lame sentiment to drop on the shoulders of a young girl.  "Oh, little impressionable 5 year-old Mandy, for you, love will be helping other people with their pain until they send you away.  So kiss them and stop them from shaking.  They need yooouuuuu."

Although WHITE CHRISTMAS Mandy isn't much more dimensional, she elicits proclamations like, "What a gal!"  And she's clearly some kind of a catch, clearly busy and up to something, because the gents best not "linger" or "delay," for fear she'll "get away".  Or maybe she's the one they don't want to lingering or delaying... but that's even better, she's being pursued and yet she can't be bothered!

Not only is WHITE CHRISTMAS Mandy not being sent away, but the only thing close to a directive or an order in her world is:  Make it Mandy and me.

With two vanilla Cokes.  To go.

Simple, easy, affirmative.  No hesitation.  No whiny melodrama.

As if you needed to hear more, let's compare some key words and phrases from the two songs:
Manilow - crying, cold as ice, uphill climbing
WHITE CHRISTMAS - humdinger, dandy, and happy-times
No contest.

Plus, this Mandy gets freakin' Danny Kaye.  Sure, she's dancing with three guys, but one is prone to domestic violence, one seems handsome enough but is wearing a red shirt with a green tuxedo and that kind of poor judgement can't be encouraged, and so her only truly viable option is freakin' Danny Kaye.

WHITE CHRISTMAS Mandy is awesome.

It is no wonder I return to this film again, and again, and again.  And again.  It's like a mental SILKWOOD shower, steaming that soppy Manilow Mandy out of my grey matter.