Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Clip O' Yesterday | Learning to Accept Help

I didn't post a clip yesterday.  But if I had, it was going to be about CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT.

Not only did I not post, I also failed to return the DVD to the library yesterday.  I don't mention this because I mind giving them a bit of extra cash for the fine (I don't), but just to illustrate that... well, not much got done yesterday.

I'm battling some kind of cold, or perhaps a deep malaise of some sort.  As soon as I start feeling better, I try to make up for lost time, and then find myself run down and languishing in bed watching movies and reading Twitter.

Thankfully, Sadie Stein can unknowingly help me with my holiday posting, because I can repost her post "Silver Belles" (The Paris Review, December 19, 2013).  You should read it post-haste.

I'll do my best to write my own post about CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT later today, but first I've got a whole weekend to cram into Sunday.