Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Clip O' the Day (2 of 3) | "You're on your way up, Buddy Boy!"

It doesn't get better than this movie.  It's solid, from start to finish.
And, like HOLIDAY (another NYE Clip 2013 movie), I adore it.
I adore it the way Mr. Baxter adores Miss Kubelik.

It's silly to talk about why it's important to watch around the new year.  There's a reason the final scene is just after midnight on 12/31.  Yes, the fresh start of a new relationship, that's obvious.  But THE APARTMENT, and HOLIDAY, are about something bigger.  Each is about finding your way in the world, about knowing who you are and what you're about and having the strength to resist conforming.

Of course, every responsible adult has to make some compromises.  But it's worth stepping back now and again and asking yourself:  Why am I keeping these jerks stocked with liquor and cheese crackers?  Is this really part of a long-game, a necessary evil to reach a bigger goal?  Or am I eroding something good in me, something that would have otherwise made me eligible to participate in something much better?  And, if so, is it too late to course correct?

Cripes!  I bit off more than I can chew, and if I keep going this post is going to get even more trite...  Besides, there's no time!  I've gotta go get ready for New Year's Eve!

(If you're not usually a link clicker, you really should make an exception for the "There's no time!" link - it's my belated Christmas gift to my non-existent readership).

And The Apartment?  Just watch the damn film.  It's important.  More important than it seems.

Happy New Year, 2014-wise.