Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Christmas Clip o' the Day: Perry Como, Christmas Classic; and Why Humans Are Unreliable Witnesses

Yep, this is the second Christmas Clip today.  I didn't post any last week and now I'm attempting to make up for it.

Make it up to no one.
For no reason.

On with the clip...

In addition to Perry Como's rendition of "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas" being about as Christmas Classic as it gets, I have my own special reason for loving this clip.

For years, far too many years, I thought Santa had handed Mr. Como a cocktail.

It's so very clear that is not what is going on in this clip that...  I just really wonder about myself sometimes.

Apparently that's what Christmas is to me.  Which makes sense when I think about it.  Every year I will say, far too many times, that a gin & tonic is:  A Christmas Tree in a glass.® 

It must have been after saying that too many times in a row, that I came to believe the bell noise coming from Mr. Como's hand was a super ambitious Foley artist attempting to replicate the sound of ice in a glass.

I'm not quite so dopey, usually.
I don't think.
I really hope.

Anyway, I accept my bottomless reserve of fallibility, and that is why I love this clip.  It's a little dose of humility ensuring I never turn into a big shot.

This is also why our legal system should never fully rely on first person testimony.  We're all deeply flawed and bringing our own shit to the table.

At least, that's what I tell myself.