Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Double Feature, Mixed Media Edition | STUCK IN LOVE and "Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles" | Advanced Torch Carrying.

Read "Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles" by Ron Currie Jr. and then watch STUCK IN LOVE (aka WRITERS).

This DIY isn't as much about the quality of the works as it is about their themes. The book and the movie are about writers and love... specifically the kind of love that makes everyone uncomfortable, the carrying a torch kind, the "it's time you move on" kind.

We love it in our dogs, but not so much in our friends, and definitely not in our exes.

The thing is, as long as you're not being a creep, work through whatever you've got going on in your own time.  (If necessary, take the advice of the nice police officer and get some professional help).

You might regret the time you spent stuck.  No.  You probably will regret it.  Whether it's hours, days, months or years, regret will probably be a factor.  But, regret isn't so bad.  It's underrated, really.

It'll put hair on your chest.

Besides, sometimes the only chance you have of getting out is through.  If you try to skip ahead, if you think you're smart enough to get by on Cliff's Notes, you might get through some pop quizzes, but you will likely struggle with the essay final.  And that's most of the grade.

Love:  It's not easy, but it's doable.  There's a kajillion ways to get it right.  And as long as you're breathing, you've got a chance at getting it right.  Probably not the way you imagined, hoped or planned, but right just the same.

Well, right-ish.  Right adjacent.

If not, you can always get a goldfish.

Release:  2012
Director/Writer: Josh Boone
Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins, Nat Wolff, Logan Lerman, Kristen Bell
Genre:  Rom-com, probably
Plot review and other information about STUCK IN LOVE @ Wikipedia

Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles @ Amazon
Author: Ron Currie Jr.
Publisher: Viking Adult