Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Prince George Wore in 2085

There's a blog called What Prince George Wore, and I hope it lasts for the better part of a century.

Not necessarily in a "long live the King" sort of a way, but because it seems it would be fascinating to document any life in that way.

Not that I don't think there won't be plenty of documentation of Prince George over the years.

But looking at the blog I got a flash of a handful of scenarios from a second coming of a British Empire that the sun never sets on, to a Max Headroom-like scenario where most of the world lives in tin sheds but everyone has some kind of a computer, to one where humans get a 3 minute break per day from slaving underwater for their manatee overlords --- and in each one there is at least one person looking at an antiquated blog to see what 72 year old George is wearing.

I continue to watch and re-watch Screwball Comedies, so I'll get back to writing about all of that soon.