Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Clip 2014 | Cows & People Alike, Conflicted about the Office Holiday Party

Less than a week until Christmas.  I don't think Christmas Clip 2014 is gaining any momentum.
I know these things don't happen in a vacuum, I've got to bring something to it...  but...  well...  here we are.

I have a stack of holiday movies sitting near the TV (THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, ELF, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, HOLIDAY, WHITE CHRISTMAS, etc.)  I've even watched a few this year.  And those few I've watched a few times.  But, honestly, it's a bit of a blue Christmas and I'm not sure I'll rally for the clip project this year.  I'm just focused on getting through this season.  Some years it's all about decking halls and joining choruses, while other years not so much.  Currently I'm in the not so much part of the cycle.  And there's nothing demanding that I make myself fake it until I make it, so I'll just...  not be fake.

Until the movie clips come, if they come, here's this video of cows listening to holiday music.  I love this because the cows come to check out the music, and it's a sweet gesture and all that, but what I especially love is the expression on the faces of the cows.  I think I've had that expression at more than one office holiday party.  I see a mixture of:
"Well, I guess this is ok, but maybe if you weren't jerks to us all year you wouldn't have to do this to assuage your guilt."
"Seriously, they're filming this?!?  Clearly this isn't really for our benefit."
"Couldn't you have saved the money you spent on this shin-dig and just given us the afternoon off?"
Perhaps I'm projecting on these adorable cows.

And, really, it is very sweet that these men are playing music for the herd.  Anything that leans in the direction of gentleness and kindness is very good.  A little sad the impulse seems to be seasonal, and focused on only one day a year, but on the flip-side, one day per year is a start.