Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Clip o' the Day: ELF & The Many Faces of Mandy Sue B.

I quote this scene all year long.  But not in a way that anyone would notice.

As much as I love Buddy's half of the conversation during December, it's two other bits I "quote" the other eleven months of the year.

ONE:  Whenever I get a chance to say "10 a.m." I will try to get my voice to sound as though I'm forcing cheer, but it's being hammered out by both exhaustion and profound irritation that is gurgling just beneath my surface.  The intended effect is like I'm waiting for someone to object to what I'm saying, and I'm prepared to stand my ground in the face of what I think is their obvious nonsense.

Of course all anyone hears is "10 a.m."  Plain and simple.

This brings me even more joy.  It's like a private screening, it lasts just an instant but man does it feel good.

TWO:  The other way I quote this scene not-in-a-way-that-anyone-would-notice is when this series of lines rolls through my head:  "Make work your favorite.  That's your favorite, OK?  Work is your new favorite."

These lines arrive when I'm faced with lackluster customer service and maybe, sometimes, maybe some workaday, workplace scenarios.  Maybe.  In the moment it's a relief and a joy to recall this character, but then nearly immediately after I am ashamed.  Why would I want anyone to make work their favorite?  Especially customer service.  Blech.

And that's when I push myself over to a more comfortable place for me to be, "I just like to smile.  Smiling's my favorite."

Welcome to Christmas Clip o' the Day 2016!  This may prove to be the only clip this year, so take. it. in!